How to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express Edition?

MS SQL Express is a free database server for learning and building small web and desktop applications. Here you will be guided on how to perform a new SQL Server 2019 Express Edition installation on a Windows 10. Follow these simple steps.

1. Download ‘SQL Server Installer for Express Editions’


The name of the installation file is ‘SQL2019-SSEI-Expr.exe’, size 6.231Mb

2. Run ‘SQL2019-SSEI-Expr.exe’ – Installation Type

SQL Express Installation Type
If you wish to configure which components should be installed then choosse ‘Custom’. The ‘Basic’ installation type install SQL Server Database with default configuration. In our example I choose ‘Custom’.

3. Target Location for installation files

Target Location
By default use ‘C:\SQL2019’.

4. Downloading install package

Download Install Package

5. SQL Server Installation Center

SQL Server Installation Center

6. License Terms

License Terms

7. Install Rules

install rules

8. Feature Selection

feature selection
If you don’t plan to use ‘SQL Server Replication’ or ‘Machine Learning Services and Language Extensions’ feel free to uncheck these features. But I did not uncheck them. Perhaps I may use it at least for learning purposes. The only thing you should specify – CAB files for machine learning in one of the next steps.

9. Instance Configuration

sql instance configuration
Get name for your SQL Server Instance. You will use this name to connect SQL server.

10. Java Install Location

Java Install Location
Open JRE 11.0.3 is required for some features we choosed on step 8.

11. Server Configuration

Server Configuration
The main purpose of this step is to configure ‘Startup Type’. By default use the ‘Automatic’ at least for the SQL Server Database Engine.

12. Server Configuration – Collation

SQL configuration collation

Collation. In my case it is Ukrainian, but if you are from an English-speaking country like the US select the ‘Latin1_General’.

13. Database Configuration Engine

Select Mixed Mode. It allows use SQL Server authentication(user and password) and Windows authentication(current user).

14. Data Directories

Use default data directories provided by installation manager.

15. TempDB – Database Engine Configuration

tempDB default settings
User default TempDB configuration.

16. Memory configuration

default memory configuration
Database Engine Configuration – Default Memory configuration.

17. User Instances

Default User Instances
‘User are allowed to run a separate instance of the Database Engine’ checked by default.

18. Filestream

R Open installation
Default configuration.

19. Consent to install Microsoft R Open

R Open installation

20. Consent to install Python

consent to install python

21. Microsoft Machine Learning Server Components

machine learning server components
On this step I faced with problem that installation manager not able contact with download center. Using the links under the ‘Install Path’ I manually downloaded the CAB files:

22. Installation Progress

installation progress

23. Installation Complete

SQL Server installation complete

24. Run SQL Server 2019 Configuration Manager

SQL Server Configuration Manager

25. SQL Server 2019 Configuration Manager

SQL Server 2019 Configuration Manager

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