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Hello readers! Interested in Contributing to Yarkul.com? I am open to hosting all kinds of blog posts on this site related to programming.  There are two types of guest posts: 

  1. Free
  2. Paid

Free Guest Post

This is a non-promotional guest post that  does not promote any paid library, software, company or service . For example, it could be about SQL optimization, new features of C#/JavaScript/Angular/PHP/MS SQL/etc, new algorithms, patterns, or stories related to software development. Only one non-follow link is allowed to the author’s page – Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Paid Guest Post

If you represent  any company, paid product or service  and you want to publish a promotional article that will reveal your product or service you can order a paid guest post. For example, an article may be about a UI library written in JavaScript/C#/Python/Java/etc. Two do-follow links are allowed in the article.

How much does it cost to post an article?

Paid Guest post price is  $250 . Payment methods: SWIFT or Payoneer.

Why you need to write for us?

Guest posts provide an opportunity for young bloggers and new Internet projects to tell about themselves and increase their audience, and for existing and well-visited projects to maintain interest in themselves and win a new audience. For many bloggers, guest posts are one of the biggest sources of traffic to their site.

How to contact?

My contact email is  [email protected] . Please, specify in the subject: ‘guest post yarkul.com’

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